Friday, December 26, 2008

"The Red Headed Hipster" or "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the PBR"

I came across a record at the radio station the other day that stopped me in my tracks. Here's the metaphotographic reason why:

Whodathunk that my favorite outlaw country musician circa '79 would have fit in so well with today's underground party culture?

Seriously... view any album!

And speaking of which... isn't Ed Sanders too old to be shotgunning beer?


amber said...

My dad looks like Willie Nelson! Also my coworker just got back from Maui where Willie lives and Willie's son owns a bar that he goes down and plays at with his neighbor Robbie Robertson the whole time. Also my coworker saw Luke and Owen Wilson in the bar.

amber said...

*all the time I meant

mr.jr said...

I now have a good reason to go to Maui.

JR said...

I need more willie nelson! Everyone does!