Monday, March 31, 2008

The Answer Lies Within the Matted Fur

Ok, 'twas inevitable... it's plug time.

I've been fortunate enough to play with a couple outstanding gentlemusicians and toegther we are Looking For Mammoths. With the pile of shows we've had heft upon us as of late, we figured it was time that we had a really classy design for the EPs we sell at the shows. I went to ArtSpoken and bought my first-ever pack of watercolor pencils (which I now LOVE) and went to work. The final cd cover product ended up being a composite of a couple pieces, wrapped up nicely in a Photoshopped bow.

The blue guy in the middle still seems Thom Yorke-ant to me

Here was a review on a show we never had the chance to play because it was cancelled. Flattering, nevertheless... Guided By Voices, wow!
"I'd like this Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor band even if it's music was awful for the simple fact that the main profile pic on its Myspace page is the old Far Side cartoon about early microscopes. Luckily, I think the music is pretty engaging, too, in a tuneful, low-fi, "Bee Thousand" kind of way."

Need a cd? You know who to reach!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Funk Wars - Return of the Mothership

I've always (and I mean since the first possible day that I was concurrently aware of each party) thought that George Clinton looked like an Ewok… albeit a much more colorful, African-American version... that doesn't wield clubs or have big, jewel-like eyes or live in trees.

Well, George might live in trees, I don't know. With all of his success, he certainly has the means to build a pretty spacious tree fortress.

When put together like that, I can't tell which one belongs on Endor and which one should be gettin' up for the downstroke with Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell!

THE RESEMBLANCE IS UNCANNY and if you disagree with me, the terr'ists win.

From the Command Center

So, if there's been one instant realization I've had since moving out on my own, it's that I'm more prone to want to get out of the house (apartment). I'll go anywhere. Literally.

I think that Dr. Steve Brule's had some good tips for me. Heed them!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Solemn Vow

I will never subject you to anything once for which I have not already subjected to myself at least 15 times prior.

The Bird and the Bee
The Polite Dance Song

Thank you, Brian Tucker.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Weakness Led to a Quiz

The Result:

Mix-Tape Master

You are a music evangelist: the person in your network of friends who always has the coolest new song, the one whose iPod gets picked to DJ every party. You understand the art of the segue, how the key to the best mix-tape isn't just the songs you pick, but how they interlock with each other. You also know who the up-and-coming acts are and are quick to recognise where their influences lie and whether they will make it big. You work hard at the pursuit of this knowledge, scouring music blogs, magazines and record stores. Most importantly, you are generous with your passion – and your friends should be very, very grateful. Still, it’s always good to get new inspiration for your latest mix.

I'm comfortable with that.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Der Fuhrer's Face

Also, this is one of the first cartoons I remember seeing as a little one. It was on a little VHS cartoon compilation which I'm sure is still boxed up somewhere in my parents' basement.

The animated Hitler at the end is well worth the preceding seven minutes. Schuuuuuuuuuultz!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Movin' On Up.

I have been moving into my apartment since Friday. I struggled to get my internet going for about an hour and for some reason, I'm not getting basic cable channels, let alone the HD ones I asked for. :grumblegrumble:

Anyway, enjoy Sia. I do. It's always taken a lot to weird me out, but apparently my threshold's right around a catchy pop song fronted by visuals that make me feel like I'm watching a snuff film... and the cellophane head-wrapping. Jesus. Deliciously weird.