Friday, July 25, 2008


Do you know what "blog post" stands for? Take a look at this:

"Believing Loving Others Give Props On Stupid Thoughts"

Think about it.

I’ve been a fan Gary Busey since before I knew his name as a little kid, but my renewed interested came up when I’m With Busey aired on Comedy Central a few years ago. Surely, it was loosely scripted (but primarily improvised) and one of my favorite aspects of the show were Gary’s little pearls of wisdom, which often came in acronym form. Some classics:

FAILING: Finding An Important Lesson; Inviting Needed Growth
TRY: Tomorrow’s Really Yesterday
FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
TEAM: Together, Everyone Achieves More
LIGHT: Living In God's Heavenly Thoughts
RELATIONSHIP: Really Exciting Love Affair Turns Into Nightmare; Sobriety Hangs In Peril (the 'O' is unaccounted for)
ROMANCE: Relying On Magnificent And Necessary Compatible Energy

…and so on.

I honestly thought that these little Buseyisms were just the product of the show, so imagine my surprise when I was surfing Busey on YouTube and caught him on Politically Incorrect in 1997 (the gold is at about 2:00)!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dining: A Truly Short Course of a Story

It was a warm afternoon when my dear friend Erika and I decided to head to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. The exact reason has been lost in time, but it was a tasty decision. As we entered, a tall, geeky teen awkwardly greeted us and showed us to our booth. Just as we sat down, the dinner lighting kicked on and the intensity of all the bulbs in the restaurant dropped in wattage. Our host handed us menus and proclaimed with a nervous chuckle, "Wow, it's getting dark in here."

As he strode back to his host booth, Erika and I, being the only two in the restaurant who looked more WB than NBC, just looked at each other and laughed.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meow That's Embarassing: Redux

Ok, maybe it was a bit naive of me to think that it would never happen again... but it did. Video was the bowl intruder this time, but unlike Audio, who demurely follows me in and hangs out in the bathroom, he bolted into the bathroom without warning and lept INTO the toilet; he didn't just perch on the rim. He thrashed about for a split second and I think that his first reaction was "crap, my paws are wet" and then "crap, I'm being pissed on" and then he leapt out and hit the linoleum with a heavy, sopping wet splat. Another cat bath. I haven't seen too much of him since. He's probably ashamed and understandably so.

In other news, feeling especially inspired by Ann Arbor's annual Art Fair/Consume-a-Thon, I went out and grabbed a pen and ink set with Joanna. What a great little investment! I think I've got india ink in my blood. Having to stop and dip the nib (artistic sexual euphemism anyone?!) every few strokes has made me feel much more deliberate about my work now as opposed to being armed and reckless with a trusty little flow-as-you-go Pilot G2. You know what I'm saying? It's sort of like the way you enjoy food if you actually stop to... you know, chew it.
Well, here's work #1. Click for much bigger goodness (the big blob on his cheek... yeah, hastiness).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lando Calrissian for Mayor!

Well, township trustee, to be precise. This is undoubtedly a step down from Cloud City Administrator.

Meow That's Embarassing

Q: What's sadder/funnier looking than a wet cat?

A: A cat that's wet because it was just peed on.

Okay, okay... before you turn away from your monitors in revulsion and disgust, let me explain (not that there's much to explain).


Let's start at the beginning: I am a guy. And as such, I'm old-fashioned and I tend to eliminate liquid waste in an standing, upright fashion. Alright... cats, you see, are curious and infamously quiet, especially when they're in kitten form and weigh as much as a shoe. I was minding and taking care of my own business when a grey and white flash popped into the target zone and directly into the line of fire! I peed on my poor kitten's head... which lead to a rather impromptu head-bathing in the sink once I tucked myself back in and stopped laughing. You might say I was simply marking her as my own, I suppose. And the silver lining on that cloud? I know she's not all fussy about water. Don't get me wrong, I think I've been a good catdaddy... this could happen to anyone. Right?

And with that, I introduce you to my new kittays... Leela and Bender (or maybe, possibly, Audio and Video). A few weeks ago, I was graciously hooked up by Joanna via her husband, Fred via workperson-that-Fred-knows. I didn't want one to get to get lonely while I was away, so two was perfect. They're brother and sister and it shows. If they're not rough-housing, they just melt into this adorable little kitten puddle.

More of these little guys later...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Find Me On the Far Left...

...of your dial.

What have I been up to lately? I spy, with my little eye, a hint:

In case that's too small for you to make out, it says: FREEFORM with James Rocker.

88.3 has been something I've wanted to get into since my sophomore year or so when I stumbled upon it while looking for a decent station at 0530 in the morning. Expectations were beyond exceeded. Freeform is the savior of radio.

So, for now I have a fairly challenging timeslot (0300-0600) and I haven't slept before it as I'm terrified I'll sleep through it (I'm only on my second show), but the rush of energy I pull from a successful broadcast is enough to carry me through the day.

Got a request? Well, crap, call it in! 734.764.3500
Not near a radio? Got a computer on your lap? Stream it:

Free your ears!