Friday, April 24, 2009


Between working late nights (read: going in to the studio at 11pm and editing until 5:30a) and then getting up for regularly-scheduled work (read: 8am), the last week or so been a hellaciously bad week or so for what physicians might call a "good night's rest" so last night I took the initiative to catch up on sleep, as impossible as They (They="Science") say that is.

In short, I went to bed at 530pm and got up at 730am and it was amazing. Despite the horrifically graphic, Rambo-inspired (don't ask me why) dreams there might've have been, I woke up refreshed and totally reset. I do slightly regret not getting up a bit earlier in the dregs of the morning to grab breakfast at my favorite 24-hour joint.

Thank you, my ursine brothers, for the brilliant idea.


vivACEous Fighter said...

...... Yeah this is crazy because you would think with less sleep you would be More cranky but i havent noticed that yet :-) Maybe having an outlet for creativity recharges you?

mr.jr said...

it never fails!