Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Concerning Comcast's Customer Service

I'm always wary that I'm chatting with a bot whenever I do customer service business over chat, so sometimes I put a little more out there to see what comes back.

Lotta.24942: I will need to search your address first in our system. While I am doing that, how are you today?
James: very well, thanks. tired though... I actually just moved into my first apartment on my own today
James: how about you?
Lotta.24942: Oh! You should take some rest after this, James.
Lotta.24942: I am doing fine.
Lotta.24942: Thank you for asking.

I smiled and took some rest after that.


amish said...

Hahahaha... that is sneakily awesome.

Mary Grace Guerra said...

If you use American Express' click to chat feature, I can assure you that you are talking to a live person. =)