Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, when I bought my BassPODxt Live, I realized I could open up a world of sound and this is the first thing that came out of me. Well, not this one exactly... the first was a recording that was a month ago and was only a 20-second bit done by putting my computer mic up to my a crapped out practice amp. I think the formula for that is:

l(ow quality) + E(ven lower quality) = total dreck

This one was done last night.

Anyway, I have some instruction for you. Click PLAY, and read the text below. This is what came to mind in the midst of recording. Oh, and reading aloud would be even better, especially if you have a gentle, affirmational quality about your voice. Take your time... you have two minutes, after all. You could probably even start in reading around the one-minute mark. Give 'er a go.

Soundtrack - Saint James

" ...A girl rises before the sun and leaves the comfort of a broken-in bed. There's a crisp, early morning chill creeping in from the window over the dresser, so she pulls her favorite sweater over her head and wiggles it down comfortably on her shoulders. On her way to the door, she stops. She looks over her shoulder and knows that the soft hollow she's left in the mattress will be a reminder for the peaceful sleeper she's leaving behind. She feels lighter as she winds down the stairs, mindful of the old boards that she knows happen to creak. With the final, gentle racket of a closing screen door behind her, she moves towards her old sedan, relishing the feeling of the cool, dewy gravel between her toes. The memory of a familiar past evanesces as she starts the car and sets her eyes on the prospect of her unknown, immediate future. "

There you have it. That's what I heard... some people seem to think of water, which I think is ridiculous*.

*Kidding, Joannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


joanna said...

you're ridiculous.

miss davis said...

Wait, sooo...she hit and quit it?

mr.jr said...

you tell me!

miss davis said...

And so I did! Quick, look!