Friday, June 13, 2008


It always makes my day when I make a new connection. Whether it's between myself and another by way of smallworld-like circumstances or whether it's realizing that Ol' Dirty Bastard sampled Blood, Sweat, and Tears on "I Want P****" (hint: it's not 'penis'), it's a great feeling.

Connections make me smile, especially when they've been months or years in the making.

However, on a drive today, I made a connection that made me want to lash out. Okay, let's backtrack a bit... I'm not a big Madonna fan. I'm not saying she's bad, untalented or uncompelling, she's just not generally my cup of tea. However, when I heard "Hung Up" a few years ago, I dug the song only because of the synth part (also the bass drum had a nice, deep kick quality about it), and Madonna went up a notch and a half.

But again... today was a faithshaker. I flipped on 88.3 and what did I hear? It wasn't Madonna, it was ABBA. ABBA!

I'm sure this is no news to older people or your everyday ABBA fan, but damnit. Just damnit. I feel so duped.

Oh, well... it's still a really good synth part. So thanks for the exposure, Madge.


Loren said...

um.. yep.. where have you been?

i guess that's what i get for having hippies as parents. i grew up on abba, beatles, queen (and we see where that got me...), and andrew lloyd weber. don't ask about the latter.

Brian said...