Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meow That's Embarassing

Q: What's sadder/funnier looking than a wet cat?

A: A cat that's wet because it was just peed on.

Okay, okay... before you turn away from your monitors in revulsion and disgust, let me explain (not that there's much to explain).


Let's start at the beginning: I am a guy. And as such, I'm old-fashioned and I tend to eliminate liquid waste in an standing, upright fashion. Alright... cats, you see, are curious and infamously quiet, especially when they're in kitten form and weigh as much as a shoe. I was minding and taking care of my own business when a grey and white flash popped into the target zone and directly into the line of fire! I peed on my poor kitten's head... which lead to a rather impromptu head-bathing in the sink once I tucked myself back in and stopped laughing. You might say I was simply marking her as my own, I suppose. And the silver lining on that cloud? I know she's not all fussy about water. Don't get me wrong, I think I've been a good catdaddy... this could happen to anyone. Right?

And with that, I introduce you to my new kittays... Leela and Bender (or maybe, possibly, Audio and Video). A few weeks ago, I was graciously hooked up by Joanna via her husband, Fred via workperson-that-Fred-knows. I didn't want one to get to get lonely while I was away, so two was perfect. They're brother and sister and it shows. If they're not rough-housing, they just melt into this adorable little kitten puddle.

More of these little guys later...


joanna said...

I can only hope that she someday returns the favor.

mr.jr said...

i can only hope you have R. Kelly over for dinner one evening

Chaely said...

My cat jumped in the toilet in the time it took my mother to stand up, pull up her pants & turn around to flush. The worst part is that she did it TWICE.

Friar Tuck said...

'Toilet Mishap.'