Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yeah, it's recycled. Cry about it.

1. When I was in 3rd grade, I was written up on the school bus about 5 or 6 times... I was quite the little shit. But I swear, one of the times was for being punched... by a much older, much larger girl! I was the victim! Where's the justice?

2. I'm a sentimental packrat who's doing his best to be less materialistic.

3. If I wake up in the middle of a dream, I can go back to sleep and pick up where I left off. It's awesome!

4. Last year, I was assigned orthodontia -- a biteguard for my nocturnal jaw grinding. Apparently I carry stress in my jaw.

5. I admire his ability and talent, but I honestly think that people who say they like Stevie Wonder are just trying to be polite. I think that if people really liked blind musicians as much as they said they did, the blues would be much bigger.

6. I love the energy of a live show, regardless of the performer/act/band (which might explain why I'm in one).

7. I'm a movie buff who generally prefers to go to the theater on my lonesome. Yes -- I LIKE TO GO TO THE MOVIES BY MYSELF (so if you're invited, you must be pretty special).

8. Some people dread it, but I look forward to exercise. It's a great chance to have some time to think things out... and the way the world seems so still and silent afterward is hard to capture otherwise.

9. I'm always grossed out when people chew on straws, but if you saw how badly I gnaw on pens.... multiple incidences of exploding pens have proven that I haven't learned my lesson.

10. When I get nervous about public performance, I don't get nauseous or even antsy -- I get drowsy.

11. My long-term memory is impeccable and I can remember things from before kindergarten, but I usually forget why I'm at the grocery store once I get there. I'm also really bad with lyrical recall.

12. Despite feeling very open about myself, even my very best friends declare that I'm one of the most mysterious people they know.

13. This feels late, but I don't think I had any concept of romantic attraction until 4th grade when I had my first crush (and you know who you are!).

14. Having moved around as much as I did as a youngin', I can't help but feel like it's time for me to get a move on. I'm thinking somewhere warm... and culturally-rich.

15. I've got great fortune when it comes to stumbling upon free or cheap furniture or music gear. I'm a power-Craigslister.

16. And speaking of which, I think it'd be sweet to be the subject of a "Missed Connection" posting

17. I've got a feeling that I'm bound for the public notoriety.

18. I was very close to starting an apprenticeship at a tattoo joint before going off to college.

19. I'm a bit anti-iEmpire... iPhone, iTunes, iEverythingelse and I get mad when I see that little rainbow pinwheel. I'm sitting here, impatiently waiting for a system process.. stop being cute!

20. I had my left nostril pierced for two-ish weeks of parental disapproval, hiding it at work, and constant nocturnal bleeding. Overall, not a pleasant experience.

21. I'm extremely ticklish. Unfortunately for you, one of my reflexes when being tickled is to punch, elbow, bite, or kick.

22. I enjoy practical jokes, although none of my jokes are ever very practical (see Foiling LeMarbe Generally though, I like to surprise people.

23. I don't like using the phone so this can make me very hard to reach. I like text-based communication. Yes, I realize we could've had that conversation in 20 seconds if we'd just talked instead of the 3 minutes it took to type. Yes, I know it cost you 10 cents. Yes, I got your message; I'll call you... eventually.

24. I have a biological sister floating around somewhere out there.

25. Letters... inspired by volumes of Dr. Gonzo's correspondences, I find that I really enjoy sitting down and writing someone (again, text based communiques). It gives me a great excuse to bust out the pen and ink set or typewriter. Now putting out a call for penpals!


Chris said...

3. I think we've discussed this, but this makes me blind with jealousy!
13. I'm pretty sure mine was even 5th grade. I was super shy, though, so I think that counts for a good excuse. And, the best part is that 5th-grade-boy actually came to Michigan, I saw him on the bus, and he either didn't recognize me or didn't want to say anything. Bummer.
24. Do you ever think about finding her?

youhana said...

Very nice

The Liz said...

Why didn't you tattoo?